Soleia Mermaid is an Ontario Certified TeachMER, who inspires creativity, self expression, and LitMERacy as a StorytellMER. She is a perforMER on a mission to elevate landfolks’ confidence and consciousness through dance and arts education. Otherworldly in her imaginative approach, Soleia Mermaid makes you believe in magic and yourself. A SHELLf-proclaimed Eco-WarriMER, she trashcrafts beauTAILful accessMERies and MERcussion instruments from waste. Soleia performs at parties, playdates, and community events.

‘Twas The Night Before FISHmas – A MERtelling by Soleia Mermaid
(paperback, full colour)

Join Soleia Mermaid on The Night Before FISHmas, as she and her underwater friends prepare for the arrival of Santa Crab! He brings a bright smile and a bundle of eco-conscious fun to delight evMERyone. Under the sea, FISHmas is SHELLebrated with the gifts of dance and a healthier planet. Ride the wave for Soleia’s MERtelling of this classic poem, and reach a new undMERstanding of why this SEAson is so FINtastic.

$15.00 (Plus shipping)

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Drum Repairs

Pirate Drumz offers full service hand drum repairs. We are Cajon, Jembe, Bongo, Conga, Djun Djun, Bass Drum, Torbano, Ashiko, and Hoop/Frame drum specialists. We have over 20 years of experience making and fixing drums.

  • What we can do for you:
    • Hand picked animal hide drumhead replacement
    • Synthetic skin drumhead conversion
    • Drum shell woodworking • Refurbishment and repair
    • Iron ring prefab and welding services
    • New high-grade rope replacement
    • Drum fleet discounts available (schools and teachers)
    • Pick-up & drop-off service

Drum repairs usually cost anywhere between $45 to $160.

Check out our gallery of rescued drums, before & after drum repairs: